A Simple Binary

A girl in the woods,
She takes note of the sun’s charm,
Peeking through a lattice shroud,
A canopy of trees,
And she is reminded of Beauty.
Beauty in all her salient forms,
Of rapture, desire, and joy,
Why she in relation to infinite glory,
Should be reduced to,
A girl in the woods.

Reduced to a simple binary,
Like black and white,
The battered black slave,
Fettered to the yoke of,
Rabid white supremacy,
Pierces the air with his silent screams,
But only the wisp,
Of Nature’s sensual smile,
Hastens to respond,
Despondent wails of a simple binary.

Male and female,
Love and hate,
Compassion and lust,
Life and death,
She is neither.
She is the subtleties and nuances,
Of silent leaves,
As they spiral amidst,
Modern pandemonium.
She loses her egoism in the leaves,
And in a troth of self-abnegation,
She bows to Beauty,
For that is where all existence,
Becomes an afterthought.

Why configure herself in the cosmic order of the world?
For when she bites the bitter bone of fiery anger,
She wishes for harm, hatred flashes across her eyes,
Then does she feel the seed of love,
Blossom deep within her loins.
When heartbreak fractures her psyche,
Her love has abandoned her; the ultimate rejection,
And solitude of the mind threatens murder,
Then does the surge of relief drown her soul in mercy,
She is rejected and she is liberated,
Why reduce her to a simple binary,
A girl in the woods.

She is the bookkeeper of Nature’s secrets,
She commits her thoughts to scrolls of trees,
Where she is best understood,
The novelty of Nature beguiles and enchants,
The curiosity of man,
But she is not his plaything.
In one sultry act,
She makes love to the earth,
Burying her secrets deep within its folds,
Deep within herself,
Deep within the earth,
Outlines of her body blur into the trees,
Breaking the binary,
She is one and the same,
Alike with Nature,
Her kindred spirit,
A girl in the woods.